BIONIME Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System | Diabetes
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Validus Technology-Goden Electrode Strip-Officially online

BIONIME - Better health for more people

BIONIME is a company of innovation and integrity. As a medical solution provider, we endeavor to integrate top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision mechanism and commercialized our innovative technology through unique product design and structure.

We understand that people are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to monitor and maintain their well-being and to lead healthy lives. That is the fundamental driving force of BIONIME's continuous approach to deliver good quality products and services that meet these users' medical needs. Our core value is based on bringing users high quality products that are safe-to-use, with extensive focuses on accurate and precise testing results. We intend to continuously uphold our strong principles of exerting "integrity" and "innovation" through every step we take toward global leadership position as Medical Solution Provider (MSP) in offering diversified SMBG solutions.

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