BIONIME Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System | Diabetes

About Us
Established in April 2003, BIONIME is specialized in the business of biotechnology and medical testing. The first product line is the Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) System. BIONIME integrates the top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision mechanism to commercialize the patented technology of unique test strip structure.

Today, BIONIME operates 4 subsidiaries in major markets, Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Our products have been highly recognized by outstanding clinical tests and well-known journals internationally and successfully distributed into the worldwide markets. With the support from our customers, we are confident to grow BIONIME the global competitive leadership in the field of SMBG.

With our „peace of mind“ medical devices, we offer solutions to patients to accurately manage and control their own health.
The key to success is a strong and close cooperation with skilled external business partners who offer...
BIONIME together with qualified experts in the field of diabetes have initiated and completed several SMBG patents...
BIONIME GmbH EUROPEis represented in all Europe, Middle East and Africa.Full pre- and after-sales service is...

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