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Bionime’s RD and Manufacturing Abilities are Recognized by International Big Prize 

Mylife Unio Won Reddot Design Award

Mylife Unio won the product design of reddot design award in 2013. The “red dot” is the prize for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to projects that set themselves apart significantly from comparable projects thanks to their excellent design. Ypsomed initiate whole idea of Mylife Unio and related marketing strategies. Process Design is responsible for outline. Bionime is responsible for integration of RD and manufacturing, including overall quality control and quality assurance. Combination all the contribution from three companies makes this new generation product come true. Mylife Unio is a patient focused blood glucose monitoring system that meets user requirements – inspired by users – designed for you. Every detail is tailored to the demands of diabetes patients. The handy compact set combines all the components for fast and discreet measurement straight from the Mylife SmartCase. This makes Mylife Unio the optimal companion every day, whether your patients are at home, at work or on the go.  Mylife Unio was launched by Ypsomed firstly in French in February, 2013, and will continue to be launched in Germany and other countries in Europe.  

“Bionime’s vision is that with our ‘peace of mind’ medical devices, we offer solutions to patients to accurately manage and control their own health,” noted Roy Huang, Chairman, Bionime Corporation. “By joining forces with Ypsomed, we have invested over two years to create this innovative product. The smart case is a all-in -one concept to combine the unique glucose meter , test strips with the compact vial and lancet device. Users can only use Mylife Unio by one hand. It’s really a heart touching product with peace of mind. We keep continuous to improve our product to achieve our vision.”  Mylife Unio test strip with new GDH enzyme.  It provides higher precision and measurement accuracy. According to the report issued by IDT  (Institute of Diabetes – Technology GmbH)report recently, Mylife Unio and all series of Bionime glucose meter all got wonderful performance. 

About Bionime
Established in April 2003, BIONIME is specialized in the business of biotechnology and medical testing. BIONIME integrates top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision engineering to commercialize our patented noble metal, biosensor technology used in our meters and test strips. Today, BIONIME employs more than 500 people and operates 4 subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. Our products have been shown to meet or exceed the highest standards of accuracy and precision in numerous independent studies published in leading international clinical journals.  Bionime products are distributed worldwide and are available in all the major markets.  For more information please visit our Web Site at


About Ypsomed

The Ypsomed Group is a leading, independent developer and manufacturer of injection systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with over 25 years of experience. Originating in 2003 from the famous company Disetronic, today Ypsomed offers insulin pumps and injection systems as well as pen needles for the treatment of diabetes, growth disorders, infertility and other therapeutic areas. Ypsomed is regarded as a leader in innovation and technology and is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the self-medication field. Ypsomed has established itself with the umbrella brands Mylife Diabetescare and YDS Ypsomed Delivery Systems in retailing and in business-to-business trading. Under the brand name Mylife Diabetescare, Ypsomed offers patients an extensive range of self-manufactured products and commercial products for the treatment of diabetes. The range from YDS reflects many years of experience and competence in the field of injection systems. With an innovative and patent-protected product line of pen systems and autoinjectors, which can be adapted to customer requirements, contract production in the development and production sectors as well as the assembly of injection systems with medications, Ypsomed provides product and service solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.


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