BIONIME Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System | Diabetes
National Invention and Creation Award

Bionime GD500 Lancing Device is recognized by NICA

The winners of “2013 National Invention and Creation Award” held by Intellectual Property Office was announced on September 5th and will hold a award ceremony October 9th. Bionime GD500 lancing device is recognized by NICA through the various stages in the critical review of processes.  GD500 has already applied and got approval of various invention patents.

Our invention provides users a "peace of mind" of the blood lancing device. It’s not only helps lancing operation more convenient, but also safety and painless

Bionime uses “Cross guide tracks design “ to prevent rotational and vibrational movements of the lancet in the puncture direction to reduce the pain. The safety switch design could avoid hurting users by accident to press the firing switch. The auto lancet ejecting designs to reduce the contamination risk very effectively. Our lancing device can be used with a variety of lancets to perform quickly blood lancing.

With the advent of home use tests such as self monitoring of blood glucose, there are more and more demands for blood collection by users themselves. Our innovative lancing device is designed with safety, less pain, easy to use and away from the contamination risk. This device was into mass production from 2009, and total sales volume increased year by year. There are over one million kits per year now.

About Bionime
Established in April 2003, BIONIME is specialized in the business of biotechnology and medical testing. BIONIME integrates top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision engineering to commercialize our patented noble metal, biosensor technology used in our meters and test strips. Today, BIONIME employs more than 500 people and operates 4 subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. Our products have been shown to meet or exceed the highest standards of accuracy and precision in numerous independent studies published in leading international clinical journals.  Bionime products are distributed worldwide and are available in all the major markets.  For more information please visit our Web Site at


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