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Welcome Members of the Diplomatic and Economic Representatives in Taiwan  

Taichung 5th June 2014 Bionime welcome members of the Diplomatic and Economic Representatives in Taiwan to visit Bionime’s new Factory. We do appreciate Ministry of Foreign affairs and Taiwan Plant Consultant Center to arrange this great opportunity to introduce Bionine to Enhance the exposure of our industry in the international market and to develop foreign markets, through this visit, increasing exposure BIONIME products to overseas markets.
Delegation member countries include : the Dominican Republic, Guatemala , Paraguay, Sao Tome and Principe , Burkina Faso , Palau , República de Honduras , Jordan, Switzerland, Finland , the Czech Republic , Belgium, Luxembourg , Israel, Germany, Thailand, Ulan Bator , Malaysia , Moscow , Brazil, Argentina and South Africa and other countries. Total members are 37 persons. Their main purpose is to understand Bionime’s characteristics and advantages and special technologies in Blood Glucose industry. We invited all guests to experience the pain less tests and then enjoy Bionime’s products. And through this exchange, all members of the Diplomatic and Economic Representatives in Taiwan are impressive and have an unforgettable experience in Bionime. 


About Bionime
Established in April 2003, BIONIME is specialized in the business of biotechnology and medical testing. BIONIME integrates top-tier expertise in medical science, chemistry, electronics and precision engineering to commercialize our patented noble metal, biosensor technology used in our meters and test strips. Today, BIONIME employs more than 500 people and operates 4 subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. Our products have been shown to meet or exceed the highest standards of accuracy and precision in numerous independent studies published in leading international clinical journals.  Bionime products are distributed worldwide and are available in all the major markets.  For more information please visit our Web Site at

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