BIONIME Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System | Diabetes
2016.11.30 Evaluation of Blood Glucose Monitoring System in Screening for Neonatal Hypoglycemia: Tighter Accuracy Standard.  ...more
2014.11.01 Testing Quality of a Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Sensor with an Auto-Coding Mechanism when Used by Patients Versus Technicians.  ...more
2014.10.01 Validus Technology  ...more
2014.03.05 Evaluation of Accuracy of FAD-GDH- and Mutant Q-GDH-Based Blood Glucose Monitors in Multi-Patient Populations.  ...more
2014.01.15 Evaluation of 12 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems for Self-Testing: System Accuracy and Measurement Reproducibility.  ...more
2011.05.01 Accuracy and Precision Evaluation of Seven Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Systems.  ...more
2010.03.01 System Accuracy Evaluation of 27 Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems According to DIN EN ISO 15197.  ...more
2009.10.01 Superior Long-Term Stability of a Glucose Biosensor Based on Inserted Barrel Plating Gold Electrodes.  ...more
2009.06.01 Evaluation of a New Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System Bionime Rightest GM550 with Auto-Calibration for Alternative-Site Blood Glucose Tests.  ...more
2009.04.01 Assessing the Quality of Bionime Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System Rightest GM110: A Critical Evaluation of Interference and Ambient Circumstances.  ...more
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